The Language of God Review

When I started my blog last November, I mentioned that I planned to talk a lot about what I discover as I read books about atheism. You may notice, however, that I have yet to really get into any book reviews or discussions. I started reading The God Delusion an embarrassingly long time ago, but I read it off and on, and with a lot of starts and stops. When I’m at school, I’m either doing homework or watching Netflix, and when I have time at home to read in the summer, I don’t want to do it locked up in my bedroom so my mom doesn’t realize that I’m studying heathen literature. So what I’ve done instead of reading atheist books is reading theist books!


I found The Language of God last May when I was turning in rental textbooks to the school bookstore after finals. The subtitle, A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief caught my attention and I bought it impulsively. I noticed that it was required for a section of the Science and Religion class I had taken the previous semester, except with a different instructor. This week, I finally finished it!

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