Frequently Asked Questions

1. Were you raised religious? What religion?

Yes, I was indoctrinated to be Christian, just like most atheists! I was raised in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. They have typical Lutheran beliefs, doctrine-wise (biblical inerrancy, creationism, baptism is the greatest thing ever), but with a super conservative set of rules (like no female or gay preachers).

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2. What made you start to doubt your faith?

I just had too many questions for them. I wondered how Noah was able to fit all those animals on that ark. I wondered how the story of Adam and Eve was passed down. Then in an elementary school science class, we learned about the big bang and the formation of planets. That was when I realized that people don’t just talk about the big bang and evolution to be evil and anti-Christian, as I had been told. They talk about them because that’s what the evidence points to.

Journey to Atheism: Part 1

3. When did you become an atheist?

I didn’t start using the word atheist until I was in college. In addition to doing some research myself, I took a class on different worldviews and decided that my beliefs aligned with naturalism. At the end of the class, I wrote a paper on naturalism and nihilism which sparked a passion in me for atheism—and for writing.

Journey to Atheism: Part 2
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4. When and why did you start your blog?

I was a junior at Grove City College (with even more rules than my parents’ household—so much for growing up, moving out, and having your freedom). My husband (at the time, my boyfriend) was the only source of support I had, but as I learned about atheism, I started to have too much to say to just ramble to one person all the time. I had started watching a lot of The Friendly Atheist and JaclynGlenn videos on YouTube. This one in particular prompted me to be a silent activist through anonymous blogging. So one day I thought to myself, “I can start a blog, name it The Closet Atheist, and post every Sunday. I’ll use WordPress and get one of those cool .blog domains.” That’s what I did, with my first post in November of 2016, and since then I haven’t missed a Sunday.

I Am an Atheist
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5. Why the name The Curious Atheist?

I chose the name The Curious Atheist because atheism and this blog have made me want to continually learn about all kinds of things. It sparked this curiousity about the universe around me that was never there when I was a practicing Christian. The subtitle, Freely Seeking Truth, is also significant because it shows how far I’ve come since my title was The Closet Atheist and my subtitle was “At home, a Lutheran. At college, a Christian. At heart, an atheist.” Now I get to be my real self all the time, and I don’t have to hide it from anyone!

I’m Coming Out to You

6. Have you come out as an atheist?

It was a few weeks after I started my blog that I started coming out to people other than my husband. First my college roommates, then later on another college friend, then my mother and sisters. I hadn’t planned to come out to my family, but it was a long, complicated story. Now, I’m out and proud!

Coming Out (best read in chronological order)

7. Why did you attend a Christian college if you were an atheist? Where did you go to college?

Grove City College advertises its three pillars as its main selling points: affordable cost, rigorous academics, and Christ-centered community. I was attracted to it because it was relatively small, it was in a good location, and it had a marching band. Sure, it required each student to attend 128 chapel services, but I figured it would balance out with all of the school’s good qualities, and it would be nothing compared to all of the church services I attended every single week since I was born. Plus, I’d seen what an amazing time that my oldest sister had had at her Christian college, and how much my other older sister was struggling to meet quality Christian friends at her secular university.

My Christian College Experience
Stories from College

8. What are your resources for learning about atheism and science?

Books and YouTube. I have a pretty big book collection, but I have yet to read most of them. Every time I finish a book, I write a review!

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9. What type of atheist are you?

I’m an agnostic, negative, broad, friendly, mostly open, passive/active, non-religious atheist.

What Type of Atheist Am I? (this post is somewhat outdated but is accurate for the most part; my answer above is more current)
An Atheist’s Evolution
Reflections on My Personal Evolution

10. Is your husband an atheist, too?

Yes, he’s an atheist! We came out to each other when we started dating in high school in 2013. We got engaged in 2017 and married in 2018. He had a very interesting but different religious upbringing from mine, and he’s written a post about that as well as a few others.

Meet My Valentine
Our Atheist Wedding
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3 Replies to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Reading this for the second time, I am disturbed by your description of your older sister, struggling to meet “quality Christian friends” at her secular university. This seems to go back to the prejudice you mentioned in point 2, where anyone who isn’t US, and doesn’t think and speak like us, is evil and anti-Christian. It’s not just religion. Many Polish-Americans will only marry other Polish-Americans, Chinese will only date Chinese, and the Jews…. Oy. Why can’t they just meet nice, open-minded people??! 🙄


  2. I love JaclynGlenn! Not sure if I’ve watched the friendly atheist, but I’ll have to check it out now.

    I’ve only just gotten out of christianity a fews years ago and now I’ve written personal stories about how it affected my life in a negative way -but I’ve come to realize that might not be enough.

    I never really started to think rationally until college. When finally, finally! I was taught the importance of fallacies and studies. This new way of thinking has changed my life and I hope that I can use it to help me move forward.

    Your blog means a lot to me, I’m lucky to have a Dad thats been an atheist my whole life, but both my mom and brother are christian, so sometimes it can be hard.

    Liked by 2 people

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