10 More Atheist YouTube Videos

Hello! You may or may not know that I am, and always have been, a big fan of YouTubers. Last January, I shared with you fifteen of my husband’s and my favorite atheist YouTube videos in order to take a break from all my coming-out horror stories. Well, I’m not having any coming-out drama anymore, but I’ve gotten back into watching lots of atheist YouTube again after taking a short break, so I’m taking this chance to keep you updated on what some of my recent favorites have been.

1. I’m an Atheist Activist in the Closet – Genetically Modified Skeptic

So I was slightly disgruntled that this video was published less than a month after I posted my list of my favorite YouTube videos last time… because this would have been #1. I highly recommend that you check out Drew’s video on hiding his beliefs—and his entire YouTube channel—from everyone he knows. He and I were in a very similar situation for a long time, and we came out at similar times as well. Here, we were both closeted atheists, and in this video he even recommends this blog to his viewers!

2. I Came Out Atheist and This Happened – Genetically Modified Skeptic

This video is a bit of a follow-up to the last. It it just what it sounds like: Drew recounts his coming-out experience and how all the different people in his life took it.

3. If Atheists Actually Acted Religious – Genetically Modified Skeptic

Good news: not all of GM Skeptic’s videos are serious! This one is a hilarious parody of religion. The last time I uploaded a list like this, I hadn’t started watching any of his videos, but my husband had suggested his favorite. Now we watch Drew’s videos together whenever they come out!

4. My Morning Routine with Jesus (Parody) – Rachel Oates

This amazing parody by one of my favorite YouTubers should be self-explanatory. What would an atheist have in her morning without Jesus? Eating babies? Sacrificing virgins? You’ll have to watch to find out!

5. Atheist vs Christian Bible Facts – Rachel Oates

I don’t know about you, but I think that atheist videos like this never get old. I’ll always enjoy a good response to a Christian trying to use the bible as proof of the bible, supplemented with overly dramatic music.

6. Cosmic Skeptic’s Criticism – Debunked – Rationality Rules

This one’s for all you intellectuals out there. Alex and Steven are insanely smart, especially for how young they both are. This is the third of three videos in which they have a bit of fun back-and-forth on whether or not morality is objective. I included this final video because I believe it sums up the conversation nicely, as Steven (Rationality Rules) wraps up his points while also showing bits of what Alex said in his original response and what he himself (Steven) said in his original video.

7. Why Are Christians So Scared? My Sermon! – Taboo Topics

After finding it on my recommended page for the last few weeks, I just recently finally started watching Taboo Topics. I haven’t seen all her videos yet, but this one has stuck out to me so far. She explains in the video, but basically she tries to use logic and reason (*gasp!*) to show her Christian friends why she believes they are wrong, and they literally ignore her and refuse to listen. She wrote this half-Christian sermon to try to talk some sense into them and get them to understand that if their god really did exist, he would want them to be able to defend their position and not blindly believe.

8. That’s Cringe: Girl Defined Edition – Cody Ko

These two guys are making fun of Girl Defined. That’s all there is to it. Also, there’s a part two. You’re welcome.

9. Christian Cringe – We Ate Jesus (Mukbang) – Jaclyn Glenn

Along the same lines, Jaclyn Glenn, aka the first atheist YouTuber I ever watched, celebrates communion with a few fellow sinners while watching a video of some Christians discussing the true meaning of the Eucharist.

10. Bill Nye Tours the Ark Encounter with Ken Ham – Answers in Genesis

Although it hurts a little to watch, a classic Bill vs. Ken debate is always fascinating. This Ark Encounter tour is about two hours long, so if you’ve got some time (or if you want to watch bits at a time), I recommend it, even though to watch is to give Answers in Genesis another view.

I know this list is far from comprehensive. I also know that there are dozens of equally amazing atheist YouTubers that I just haven’t started watching yet. Who do you think should be on this list? Let me know! Also, be sure to follow this blog if you have a WordPress account, or if you don’t, you can follow by email! You will just be notified once every Sunday morning when my new posts go live. I am about twenty followers away from 1,000, and I’m excited to get there soon! 🙂

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