My 10 Favorite Blog Posts

Last week, I hit the milestone of my 100th post here on The Closet Atheist blog! I would have celebrated last week with this reminiscent post, but I had already written a post, and then written a whole new one instead, and then when it was all done on Saturday night at 12:30 a.m., I realized that it had been my hundredth one! So now, I am celebrating my 101st post by going through and sharing what have been my favorite posts to write and look back at throughout my almost two years here on WordPress.

10. 8 Ways to Build Interfaith Bridges

“The best way, in my opinion, to understand why someone believes what they do is to have open conversations with them and learn their story as well as how their beliefs and values affect real lives.”

I wrote this post after my college had a “Focus Week” with a theme of Love Thy Neighbor. Being the neighbor, I was intrigued and went to several panels and sessions, and this post is the result of what I learned there. This week was one of the only times that I found my school’s Christianity to be a relatively positive thing.

9. Meet My Valentine

“I had to sit in rock-hard wooden pews all dressed up in a stiff, uncomfortable black suit, not allowed to do anything but sit down in the huge, bare sanctuary, be quiet, and try to pay attention for every 2-hour service.”

This is one of two posts that was not written by me but by my fiance! I know I’m biased, but I think his deconversion story is particularly fascinating, considering that he comes from a family consisting of about four different religious denominations. I asked him to write this to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2017.

8. 4 Reasons Why I Don’t Believe in God

“Consider this, my friend: what is clear evidence to you is not clear evidence to me. I need more.”

For some reason, I didn’t have the bright idea of writing this post at all when I first started my blog. It didn’t come to me until I received a comment on another post saying, “I can’t find your actual reasons for being an atheist listed anywhere on this site. Am I missing something?” And thus this blog post was born: my most straightforward list of reasons for my atheism.

7. Why My College Should Require a Statement of Faith

“During the application process, the school really makes it seem that being a Christian is greatly encouraged but optional, but when you arrive on campus, the religion is suddenly not so optional anymore.”

I am proud of this post, because it sums up what I think is probably Grove City College’s greatest flaw—it’s not Christian enough for the super-Christian students, and way too Christian for everyone else. I like how I stated my case here as if I was making an official proposal to the school board. I just wish it was real and that they really did require a statement of faith.

6. The Argument from Objective Morality

“God himself claims to be perfect, and he goes so far as to specify that murder is wrong in the Ten Commandments, meanwhile killing an approximate sum of nearly 30 million people within the pages of his own infallible text.”

In this post, I refute both my past self and C.S. Lewis, arguing that morality is not objective and therefore cannot be a reason to believe in a god. I really enjoyed writing this post; I had just left my last class on a Friday afternoon in which I had to critique an impressively terrible essay, riddled with grammatical, developmental, and formatting mistakes. It was an amazing relief to spend that sunny Friday afternoon as a college senior writing an almost 2,000 word blog post on objective morality for fun!

5. My Christian College Experience

“If you decide to attend Grove City College as an atheist, you need to be prepared to have slim to no campus activities to choose from, no freedom to speak your mind, and no classes with non-Christian real-world applicable skills.”

I clearly had a lot of issues relating to my college experience. Mostly I was absolutely miserable, but I also started this blog because of my time there, so it wasn’t all bad. I like this post because it gave me some closure and a chance to officially say goodbye to Grove City College. It was also amazing to see how much I’d changed over my four years there.

4. The Paradox of Prayer

“I understand that the mystery of prayer is something that Christians face a lot, and I know that the response is generally that our finite minds simply can’t understand God’s mysterious ways, but my finite mind wants to know.”

I know that an “atheist hipster” isn’t really a thing, but I think if it were, I would probably be one. Most atheists love to articulate the problem of evil and defend their claims regarding it, and I do, of course, enjoy a good problem of evil debate, but I am more of a prayer paradox girl myself. Prayer is that one thing in Christianity that I think is its greatest downfall, and in this post I expressed all of my feelings regarding it in one place.

3. The Freedom of Autonomy

“One of my greatest pet peeves of religion is allowing prayer to take the place of action.”

This post occurred at another milestone, except rather than having 100 posts, I had just reached 100 followers! I was, and am, so proud of myself and amazed that I’d made it so far. I used the opportunity to express that it was hard work and not divine intervention that had gotten me that far.

2. I Am an Atheist

“I hope that this blog acts as a way for me to go from being a rogue atheist to a member of a community.”

This is a post that probably doesn’t need much of an introduction, or an explanation: it was my first post ever, back in November of 2016, and it was my first time putting the words “I am an atheist” in a sentence in order.

1. 4 Ways that Christians are Persecuted

“I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a Christian in this country, especially since Christians are persecuted in the US every day.”

Yep, that’s right—this is my favorite post on this blog thus far. I was so, for lack of a better word, salty, after an entire week of my entire Facebook feed being Christians saying “woe is me,” which resulted in me reaching my final form of passive agressive sarcasm. To this day, I cannot take the word “persecution” seriously.

So those were my ten favorite posts that I’ve written out of my first 100! Do you have a favorite? Or a least favorite? Or do you have a suggestion of something entirely different you’d like to see me write in the future? Let me know in the comments!

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