15 of Our Favorite Atheist Videos

All this family drama is really bringing me down lately, so I don’t want to dwell on it. Instead, this week, I want to focus on something positive: atheist YouTube videos! I’ve always been a huge fan of YouTubers, so naturally, when I was looking into atheism, I turned to YouTube. First I watched Hemant Mehta, then Jaclyn Glenn, and now I follow a handful of godless content creators. Please enjoy this list of my fiancé’s and my favorite atheist YouTube videos (in no particular order).

My favorites

1. How to Secretly Speak Up About Atheism – Hemant Mehta – This is the video that inspired me to start my blog over a year ago. He suggests that if you want to be open about atheism, but you’re in the closet, you could possibly blog about it: hence The Closet Atheist blog.

2. If Atheists Sounded Like Christians – Hemant Mehta – This one makes me laugh. It sounds like something I would write, although evidently it’s been done already!

3. We should probably break up… because Jesus. – Jaclyn Glenn – This is another video that I think is pretty hilarious. If you follow Jaclyn, you know that her ex, with whom she made this video, is a lying, cheating scumbag, but regardless, I just had to include this hilarious atheist reaction to the inane Girl Defined YouTube channel.

4. Atheist ASMR – Jaclyn Glenn – This doesn’t exactly send chills down my spine like Jaclyn says it will, but it makes its points and doesn’t hold back. It’s a bit offensive to Christians, but hey… she said it, not me.

5. Christian Logic – Jaclyn Glenn – This video points out a lot of ways that Christians can sound crazy sometimes . . . I feel like my mom needs to see it.

6. Atheist vs Christian Fundraiser – Jaclyn Glenn – In one of her less crude videos, Jaclyn and friends do an experiment to see if a Christian fundraiser or an atheist fundraiser would get more contributions. The results are pretty surprising!

7. An Atheist Reads Ken Ham’s ‘The Lie: Evolution’ – Rachel Oates – I feel a lot of similarities between some of my content and that of Rachel Oates’ steadily growing YouTube channel. For example, we both love to critique the silly things that Ken Ham says! (see my post here)

8. Books You Should Read – CosmicSkeptic – I find this to be a pretty good list of atheist book recommendations. I usually go back to this video any time I’m looking for more . . . not that I need more, considering that I’ve barely made it through the books that I have! (P.S. If you want a cheap way to get lots of books, try thriftbooks.com! I’m not affiliated with them but they just have amazing prices.)

9. Welcome to this World – The Thinking Atheist – I really like this video. It simply explains Christianity for the madness that it is without being offensive. It’s just straightforward and eye-opening.

10. Evolution | Fun Science – Charlie McDonnell – Charlie’s channel, charlieissocoollike, isn’t an atheism channel, but over the past few years he has started showing a real passion for making science videos. He was the first YouTuber I ever watched (it’s probably been over 10 years), so it’s an added bonus that we share a worldview!

11. Atheism Superbowl Commercial – I don’t know if this is a real commercial or where exactly it came from, but it is one of the few videos that has actually given me chills. I first stumbled across it when I was really struggling with identifying as an atheist because of the negative connotation, but seeing the positivity shown in this video, much of that fear was assuaged.

My fiancé’s favorites (special thanks to him for contributing this section!)

12. Christopher Hitchens vs 4 Christians – Does the God of Christianity Exist? – I’ve watched many debates in my free time, and I really have to recommend this one. Here Christopher Hitchens debates four different Christians and he does a pretty good job at it! Also, if you haven’t, read Hitchens’ book God is Not Great; it’s a great read.

13. Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate – My dear fiancée has written about this debate, and I really recommend watching it. In this debate, the infamous Bill Nye the Science Guy (also CEO of The Planetary Society) goes head to head with Ken Ham the CEO of Answers in Genesis. This debate was one of the first I’ve seen, and I really like Bill Nye and bow ties! I’m currently reading my signed copy of Nye’s Everything All at Once.

14. Something You Need to Know About: An Interview with Lloyd Evans – CosmicSkeptic – While my fiancée likes to watch Jaclyn Glenn and Rachel Oates, I like to watch CosmicSkeptic and Genetically Modified Skeptic. I honestly recommend watching all of CosmicSkeptic’s videos. I had trouble picking out just one, and while many are great, this video really stood out to me. In collaboration with Lloyd Evans, Alex uncovers a lot about what Jehovah’s Witnesses are really like, as Lloyd was born a raised in that community.

15. How Atheists Teach Their Children – Genetically Modified Skeptic – Finally, I find this video from Genetically Modified Skeptic really interesting as he interviews counselors from a free-thinking summer camp. He asks how they raise their children in a world where most children are indoctrinated with Christian beliefs and taught not to question anything. The approach these parents take is amazing (in my opinion) and I hope to structure my parenting on their ideas.

So there you go: some of our favorite atheist YouTube videos! I know we are missing a ton; I alone have probably seen hundreds of videos by atheists or about atheism. What are some of your favorites that you’d add to the list?

10 Replies to “15 of Our Favorite Atheist Videos”

  1. Noted. It seems we did scoop the same materials but came to different conclusions.

    Hemant Mehta I follow, not so much for Jaclyn Glenn but dislike. Their style comes off to me as too antagonistic of faith. The Thinking Atheist and CosmicSkeptic I do like. Seth doesn’t take himself to seriously, is fun and can be firm but pull it off well. I was still a Christian but had to laugh at his videos. CosmicSkeptic came around when I was a deist already but he isn’t so snarly in his takedowns which are clean.

    So I know the bulk of the lot and watched some of the videos and more. Except one or two new names.

    Nice one and please keep us updated on the family. Words matter whether it’s advice or comfort. And who knows help can come. Best o’ luck!

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  2. Was your mum’s request actually serious, given what you’ve told her? Surely she knows that forcing someone to believe doesn’t work…
    As for atheist videos, I used to love watching the NonStampCollector channel on YT. I actually watched it while I was still Christian lol and I think the videos actually played a factor in my de-conversion.

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  3. You should print out a portion of Deuteronomy 28 starting at verse 53 and tell your mom you’ll put up her verses if she puts up yours.

    One of my favorite atheist videos on YouTube is the treatise on morality by TheoreticalBullshit (aka Scott Clifton). He stopped posting regularly years ago but his later videos are all excellent.

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  4. There will come a time when you just don’t have the patience to deal with theists’ discussions of the Universe anymore. “I’m done explaining how the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. How evolution works. How your concepts of a god make no sense.”

    “However, we both like the feeling of the holiday season, good food, exciting movies, walking on the beach and dozens of other things. Let’s just not talk about your faith anymore.”

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  5. Since I guarantee that your mom is wondering how you or anybody could be moral without God, I strongly recommend this series of youtube videos by qualiasoup. In fact all their videos are quite well done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7xt5LtgsxQ

    Also this verse you have to display, can you display it surrounded by other quotes by scientists and other atheist thinkers? 🙂 I mean a bible verse should be able to tolerate other points of view right? 🙂

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