Bible Study Notes: The Fall

Last week, I wrote about an insane bible study lead by my church’s new pastor. As it turns out, this guy is a pot of gold when it comes to blog content. Having moved home for the summer yesterday, I’m in for quite a few more bible studies from him, and in terms of ridiculousness, today’s did not disappoint.

For a few years, I’ve been in the habit of taking notes during sermons and bible studies at church, simply out of sheer amazement of the unbelievable things that are often said. I probably get more extensive and whacky notes out of this new pastor than I have from anyone before. He is very animated and excited when preaching, and though he believes that what he teaches is nonfictional, it seems that he is a fan of exaggeration and fantastical stories. So without further ado, here is my unabridged documentation of my time spent in this week’s bible study. The topic was the Fall, Adam and Eve, and the serpent in the garden of Eden, and almost everything in these notes is a direct quote from this man. Any of my own thoughts from my notes will be put in italics. Anything added to explain what I’m talking about has been put in parenthesis.

  • Only God can make promises
  • Think about the fruit in Mary’s womb (Mary the mother of Jesus)
  • There is a plane flying through the church (in reference to his mic malfunctioning and making a weird noise)
  • “Believe” is a better word to use than “accept”
  • Fruit of the loom, more like fruit of the womb, am I right?
  • How is eating bread for your whole life a punishment!? (in reference to Genesis 3:19 where God punishes them by forcing them to eat bread for their entire lives… but I love bread and would be totally cool with that)
  • The natural environment is designed to kill us because of the fall and because we are sinners; we can quickly die if it is too hot or too cold, but before the fall, everything was the perfect temperature so Adam and Eve didn’t even need clothing
  • Imagine baby powder everywhere (I think he is referring to the dust of the earth?)
  • Death is unnatural and not what God intended when he created us
  • Snakes eat dust
  • If your head is down, then your butt is up in the air, which was offensive in the ancient Middle East, which is how God shames the serpent
  • Lucifer fell to sin because he became arrogant and wanted to be his own god
  • (question from the audience) Did Satan take the form of the snake or was he working through the snake? Do you know how much more people could get done if we didn’t take precious time out of our lives to ask stupid questions like this?
  • I’m gonna make you suck on dust (referring to what God says to Satan)
  • Satan looked like a Chinese dragon–ugly
  • Job was friends with dinosaurs–the writers are not dumb people, and they know what they are talking about!
  • There are dragons in Revelation. That is probably the least weird thing in that whole book though…
  • Satan is perhaps a dragon whose tail swept a third of the stars out of heaven
  • Angels are jealous of us because we were made in the image of God and they were not; perhaps because they have two pairs of wings and three animal faces on their heads? (he described angels as looking this way in bible class last week)
  • We don’t have free will–all that we will for is sin
  • Adam and Eve had free will
  • You don’t want to force someone to love you–you wouldn’t hold a gun to someone’s head and say “Love me or I’m going to shoot you” (…..right…..)
  • Skiinnnnnn……. (referring to Adam and Eve’s use of animal skin as clothing)
  • You clothes can get blown off of you in weird situations
  • The image I’m showing you is fictitious: it is NOT from the Bible!
  • Adam is a cracked brick mould
  • Your sinful nature gets passed down to you from your father, which is why Jesus was perfect: his father was God
  • Men and women must depend on each other
  • Men think “Now I have to come out of a woman!? Why can’t I spring from the ground!?” (referring to childbirth)
  • Women are sons (not daughters) of God, because we are in Christ, the Son of God
  • Mary and Elizabeth are LITERALLY bringing forth salvation from their wombs! No other woman can say that. See, this ties into Mother’s Day!

I promise you that everything I listed there (other than what is in italics and parenthesis) is a direct quote or a paraphrase of a direct quote from my pastor. I know that the LCMS church believes some weird things, but I was almost convinced that he was just making this up as he goes, but I asked my mom, and she said that since he’s an ordained LCMS pastor, what he says is doctrinally sound.

In other news… don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for even more stories of my weird experiences from my church as well as my Christian family and school!

I hope you have enjoyed my 25th blog post, and happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

20 Replies to “Bible Study Notes: The Fall”

  1. Here are of my thoughts on what your pastor said.

    Not to nitpick (well maybe), god was not punishing Adam and Eve with having to eat bread, but with the toil in growing grain to make the bread. Hold it—agriculture was not yet invented when human beings first evolved.

    “Not what god intended.” Is your pastor admitting that god screwed up? Probably not.

    Can a god be its own god? Maybe, if it is a pantheistic god.

    The Chinese dragons I have seen are beautiful. But, maybe your pastor has seen the real thing and not just pictures or costumes.

    Christians may not have free will if they are coerced to behave like they do by their beliefs in a wicked god. Oops, god’s all-good, right. This statement on free will is based on the compatibilists explanation of free will and determinism.

    Eve used her free will pretty well; she gained knowledge for the whole human race. Way to go.

    Why did Catholics feel the need to invent the immaculate conception. Your pastor would not accept that doctrine anyway.

    Well, I am not a mother, but thank you anyway, and a happy future mother’s day to you, if that is your desire.

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    1. Haha, if the Genesis story were true, then I’m glad that Eve didn’t settle for not knowing!

      And I wouldn’t be so amazed at what he says if it was consistent even within itself or other LCMS teachings, but saying things like “the fall isn’t what God intended” conflicts with how they believe God is all powerful. And of course the rest of it is filled with issues like this. It’s a mess, really.

      And thank you! I do look forward to being a mother one day.


  2. Ok, these men of religion don’t sound very rational or logical. I can’t imagine what they get up to in their private thoughts or lives? You sure they are not just fooling all of you? Knowing full well that they will have an audience regardless? Ask him, and look him straight in the eye,” Sir, as a man of letters, do you really believe all of this and if so, how has it made you a better man?” whilst looking very serious and with intent to discover.


  3. This must be God’s way of torturing you for leaving his flock, and I said that with a straiht face. It’s almost as good as going to a Universalist Church where everyone is welcome, even agnostics and atheists. But all they talk about is Christ and how he died for your… What the hell is a sin? that word is so religious An atheist can barely breathe. I can’t believe you don’t burst out in a fit of laughter…


    1. I don’t know if you’ve seen The Office, but I spend a lot of time making the Jim-looking-into-the-camera face. And the irritation is eased a little knowing that I get to share the insanity with you all as soon as I get home!


  4. One really dangerous thing he said: We don’t have free will–all that we will for is sin. Many Christians believe that — fortunately not all! And even though God supposedly knows that we all sin because we HAVE to, because that is our nature, God is going to punish us with eternal torment because we are sinners. That’s as weird as God saying, “If you ever go to sleep, I will torture you for all eternity.” “But I can’t help going to sleep no matter how I try.” “Tough. You go to hell!”

    Any religion that teaches punishment for things we can’t help doing has a crude and harmful understanding of morality.

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    1. I know, it’s so twisted. Interestingly enough, however, I think that that is one of the only things he said that he didn’t make up; I think it is actually what the LCMS church teaches. But apparently Adam and Eve did have free will, but that doesn’t make it any better, because the only reason that we are bad is because they were, so essentially we are being punished for something they did wrong.

      Then again, he also made that comment that it would be wrong to hold a gun to someone’s head and force them to love you…..


  5. This man just keeps on makin’ it up, doesn’t he. I did like “animal skins’ on Adam and Eve, and the depiction of the angels with all those wings and all those faces. Reminds me strongly of the Indian gods with seventeen arms and two or three faces, too.

    Apparently your ministers can write their own dialogue, safe in the knowledge that everyone present will nod and smile, nod and smile…after all, from God’s lips to his ear, right…

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